Monday, September 29, 2008

it wont go the way it should but i know the heart of life is good

ive been listing too too much john mayer. life seems to slowly be falling appart and holding its self together all at once. how did i ever get here. im so afraid, where are my problems. do i deserve to be this happy?

forever ago this blog was about hate and how i wanted people i could never have, like the best part of a depressing movie. but now im at the end of my happy movie. since when do i get happy endings. i just cant help but think that things could go terribly wrong.

i have to pretend certian eyes dont see this to even write it

but me and stuart had sex and well yes. it wasent planned really but on an afternoon while family guy played in the background we had sex for the first time.
which is very cute becuase you watch girly movies in the morning time when i cant sleep, and we go for coffee and talk.

how can i be this happy? idk but i shouldnt deny myself of it becuase im enjoying every bit of it

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Mandolin said...

don't wait for a problem, or one will just come looking for you. don't worry though, they will come! they always do! the best part is being able to work through them, that is what you have to look forward to. it's the best feeling. ever. :)