Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Youve got to spend some time with me love, i will possess your heart <3

im sitting in the cafiteria for the first timethis year trying to consume this horrible soup i purcahsed for lunch. at work today me ane eric were in the studio and he put on i will posess your heart, and it made me think, those lyrics. and when you sang them in the car, did it mean something. yes now i do know. weezer in a week and a half, haa you say some super cute things. i like getting comfertable just talking. the class countdown has begun. 20 minutes and i just saw corey. i wish somehow we havet lost our friendship living toether is great i just dont have any time. anf its hard to try to juggle everything and keep people happy. i dont think its all possible.

im going to be peter pan for halloween and i think its going to be great.

that soup made me feel really sick.
i really should study more
or sleep

one or the other would be fantastic



Missy said...

.. *shakes fists*

summerskin245 said...

lol eric is all over the place, funny, but very distracted all the time