Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two years later.

Here it is a letter to you.

I wish you could have seen this earlier. at this point you are bitter about all of the shit that went down and you cant trust anyone. fuck. Here you are a student with all of the opportunity, and you are just exploring life. Little did you know that after graduation things would be terrible both emotionally and economically. You learned your P's and Q's and now you have a arts degree. You are looking for jobs which you are much to over qualified for, but just cant find a job. How ironic.

I think right now I am just hitting a really large rough patch, being unemployed, christmas, and graduated. But look, you went to Europe this summer! If only things were as good as they were in june. How 6 months does something to you.

Look here. Yes at this vague thing. Yeah I know what went on, the jig is up. Did you really think you could escape with that story? confront me about it, or disappear. I FUCKING DARE YOU.