Saturday, September 27, 2008

last night i turned 19

ok once again i woke up in a mess. my underwear is indise out and i had 9 empty cooler bottels in my trunk. im really enjoying what i have. its really great. i was a mess last night and im sorry you drove me home, you really didnt have to. i dont want you to get sick of me, like you said. that scares me, but this whole thing did. i feel elctric when we kiss. and im proud to hold you in public. i have this feeling im going to be consuming alot of water, and wanting to be going back to sleep very soon. haha yes starbucks card! and sex and the city! and tea light things and just a fun time singing. i was just so sleepy. i have no idea why i thought we were at your house.

i was just really drunk. lol.


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