Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i dont know why i came here tonight

that misutio bite on the top of my knee got ripped of, i finished the dresser today. ive got so much to do in 2 days yet i dont do stuff, i packed a large wopping total of 2 boxes today. at least i applyied for new jobs. the funny part of this whole deal i think is that im moving on the 15th but i come home on the 16th during the day to go to work, and then i stay home till like the 23rd. with no bed. im going to have to find that air matres. i burned my toung on something today and then again on those turn overs so its very burned and i hate the texture of a burned one. the usa is dominating in the swimmming olypmics im watching right now. im trying so hard to keep my head n stright and keep ittoned down but then when i get funny things or just talk it comes back. my knee seriously burns, i think it becuase the skin is gone.

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