Monday, August 11, 2008

you tell me

ive been drunk every other night for weeks and its draining. i mean yes i love being fun but i need a break. today i went to bed at about 2 am at amandas house and slept with dayton and shylo, till 3 when i got up for an hour and went back to bed at 4 till 6. not much sleep, i was coming home in my car and i decided to drive back to Aldergrove and get cheap gas. 133.9 suckas. i want to sit in an blanket this morning and watch a good movie becuase im not going to bed. then i get to go to the store and buy paint and tape and boxes and paint my furniture that i also have to sand with the power sander. my mom just woke up and asked me when i got home, and the truth is like twenty minutes ago. i listened to led zepplin last night, oh and did i mention amanda hibbs was at amandas house and we drank with her and glen and jordan and tyler. lifes werid that way. i hate native tv. its not racist becuase i am native. its annoying and my mom always wants to watch it. some kid made a domono thing that was the sinking of the titanic. its sunny. im in the part inbewteen hungover ans drunk. but not drunk. its cold with no pants.

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