Thursday, August 14, 2008

who will drive my soul

its three thirty and im in amandas bed writitng this, amanda your passed out on the coutch, i wen to the bathroom and came in here, sam and your borhter are talking and im not into it. im not drunk anymore. its like 3:30 lol and i dont think ill sleep tonight. pack up im straight. im confused as hell. i dont know whats dwon from up and i dont want to be wrong, that would hurt alot more. i dont know where you went. we dont talk, obvs im talking about a bunch of diffrent people and things here but how could you judt let me flow. i dont think i understand, ive got gatuir hero hands and my wrist is sore, im drunk like everyother night. my body is really long lol ive noticed. im tall and its long i can hear you guys commingor sam. shes still very drunk lol. y lifes too complicatwes already i just nee dto knowm, i doubt i will ever know. and this was just liek a touch of what i could feel, a teaster plate. i hate a shy bitch, lil wane oh shit i love a milli

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