Saturday, August 23, 2008

every one assumes, you cant change that. im sort of scarred from wat certian things hae been typed. i hope its not the worst, im telling muchelle we dont need internet, i cant afford to pay for extra shit we can have for free, shes just not smart enough to ask what network we are on, the unlocked one changed, so she figured they locked us out, ohh assuming.. amanadas right here. tom said soemthing really mean last night, and im trying too beat this hangover buiness. ughhhhhh work, soo much to do for nothing. llololololoolololo 8 plus 8 plus 6 times 9= 198!! which works plus 200 equals 398 mius gas, and minues rent stuff and mius fun stuff money!! hahahahahhaha fuck im screwed, but not really. that blue thing revented the toliet from flushing for forever, good thing i can figure logicak things out. wed make the perfect amazing race team for real. corona comes to our home tonight. as much as i like that shes all like harsh rules and shit. imma party wheever i want, no patrys bithes just keep the music under 15 after 12!

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