Monday, August 25, 2008

i wish i could understand islandic and your mumbled words

ive been working alot and at alot of random times. too little sleep makes me crazy. i hate stress. were watching pride and predjusice on coreys room. lifes so complicated. i had fun last night, you found my weakness, tickling. i think you were doing it for a long time, and somehow i got pinned. and almost kneed you in the face bunch of times. its the first time its happened and you havent been intoixicated. even thoguh the distance after like ushual, i just think somepeople like to wake up alone, my phone ruined it. i was worried for a while that i was keeping it their. im happy with life and how it seemsto be going, even though i feel very sick. you shouldnt keep me up all night alot, its unhealthyy, i cant write everything here. but things are simply very complicated and for once i felt like this morning that i was cofertable. i didnt even wear a sweater.

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