Monday, July 7, 2008

i am the jauggernaught

sometimes i hit system preferences or calender rather than text and it pisses me off. i dont know why im not sleeping yet. i wonder if im still wailisted. i am still in waitlist position 2 and 5 for art. i dont know if ill get in. my eyes are tired. i wish my midnight was other peoples midnights. my own bed. nice. my ankel still hurts and things have been fliped upside down. i havent had time yet to breath, and maybe its how im still moving. i dont want to end my childhood so sooon. i want to have what i have now. im always worried if i made the wrong desicions. it dosent matter to anyone but me. lifes much to complicated. after this im going upstairs to bed. i just fell sleep sitting here i soul dmsake the journy to bed, its getting their thats the problem.

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