Monday, July 7, 2008

its a long long time away

im thinking of the actions of people and how they fit into society. how do somepeople think certian things are ok. do i fit this perfect mould of normalcy. how do people now that the things that they are doing arent ok but contiune to do so. how much can someone stray from the pack. or are we meant to do so. i cant let everything out. i need something. anything. id do anything to be where i wanted to. how am i this person. why am i up, i have to be back up in 7 hours. whenevery i cry i get this streak of eyeliner on my arm. ew i looked at the tv at the worst time. its day ten. and my back hurts alot. liek all the time. and y mom is going away for a week. i got a twenty for gas and food. bt at least i get paid on thursday. and whats with men and their trucks i dont get it. id rather be happy then see your new truckk.all the things i want in someone are in someone else i aldreay have but dont want. im getting sucked into this unreal realiity. i dont want to do this whoel adult thing again. im stuck. and i want a shower, sigh 6 am you are my bain

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