Saturday, June 21, 2008

it stung like a violet wind that our memorys depend on faulty camera in our in minds

time has passed. and finnaly i fit. sour though, i dont know how to deal with ceritan things or how to interpritatethem, im just not going to. things get to be simpler that way. im tired. extreem bowling was sweaty, and like last summer but i get to work. oh that lovley place. just dont read into it, thats all i have to do to keep it out of my mind. the fans on agaib ecuase its too hot without it. rod and scary areleaving in less then a month and im going to miss kirsten and spencer. another two years, they will be comming back to me being almst done my 3rd year. i cant wait to sleep, todays been a long day. i have aot to get done. hatever, summers half way done. soon its going to be september and school and moving again. ahh moving. at least now its decided. i miss seeing corey and maggie everyday. i miss like ditching our homework to go to the movies insetad, and zombies, and being the only one in the theaters, and walking home. and making videos. and eatting dinner together everynight. i miss them. i love the fall more than the summer time. fuck it im taking 2 weeks ff in agugust. i need it.

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