Wednesday, May 14, 2008


i think i should have figured this out by now. comming home still half drung at 6:30 is never good. youd think becuase i was getting better i would have like to keep it that way, well my wants get bigger than my needs and i wanted to. so now im stuck, i took my pills but they arent working . its 6 30 and i got about 20 mintes of sleep with dayton sleeping half on top of me. he shells and wanted to lick my face the whole time so i cant say it was so resting. how is today going to work, i want to brush my teeth. im going to be screwed for tomorow. im also done so very done with putting up with your needless bull shit and everything that goes with it. so im stiling here trying to be ok and not get so mad ill puke. how can just one person be so rude and hatefull. why cant you ever just shut up. its right and every one is i cant do it i just cant tell you yet. everyone but you three know. and the pregnant jokes have to stop. time to go try to fix this even though its almost irapareable.

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