Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i break my heart around it.

so im sitting here in our front room becuase its cold in here and im too warm. my hair is striaht but in a pony tail with one bobby pin. im not to sure why all the details matter. but the apples in the bowl in here are very green. my face is hot. i havent put on any mak eup today an if feels sort of strange, not to care. im in classic sydney right now, brown hoodie red shirt thread belt, thos jeans and socks.i guess the socks arent so normal but its cold and hot. im sort of ansy. i want to go buy candels but i dont want to actually go out but i should the store is going to close if i dont. i just dont want my face to be hot. what if brittany was right in the worst way. brandon fettback where ther fuck did my brain pull that out of. idk but it was so strange and we were going to a native complex to fold lotto cards wich were a mox between the safeway cards like how you tear them and then like our time cards but they were all for the native lotto. but it was fucking weird. my hands sort of want to finger dance to such great hights every time i hear it. car dancing on the way to white rck thats all i can remember with this song. i just need to get over it and now its been 5 months. i really dont get it. at least you wont be around tonight is all im glad for. candels and card thats all i can think about and my face is so hot but my feet are so cold. i feel the glass agaisnt my cheek but i cant see you in the light. sigh

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