Monday, May 12, 2008

backround noise

ive barley even got the energy to speak anymore. the office called me today to say they wanted more blood work. i cant even cope. and its frustrating i cant even have one second without it... ive got nothing and it feels like my body is trying to give up. that pain i used to get its permanent now. i just want to sleep all day and then the time when im not sleeping i want to be even when its not possible, my back hurts too from being stuck here all the time. ive got none. im sorry. i cant do it. and work ha they hate me becuase i dont come in , i just want to know whats wrong so i can try to fix it. my phone is dead and im not charging it. i want to wear something else but i cant go upstairs to get that done. im hunched over on the coutch but its not helping and even when i am drugged up i can still feel the pain its just a numbed kind of pain.

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