Sunday, May 11, 2008

Give Up

id really like to know what the fuck is going on and why this has to be happening. you know i only want to get better and i thouht i was but then there it came again i threw up everthing. im actually really worried this sisnt liek anything ive ever had before and it lasts all night and keeps me from sleeping and makes me sick. i just cryed last night because i just want to go back to being normal. i canr eat anything i cant go out i cant. im really worried about these results comming back and what they might mean. im afraid really afraid. as much as i feel like fucking ive been dragged behind a car, i still will do almost anything for other people. i wish sometimes this was a movie and that maybe it could have stopped when i was still ok. it would have been a good movie up till now. and i havent been complaning here about it but its comming up soon and i ust dont want to feel like this everynight and have to spend time puking.

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