Saturday, May 10, 2008

information travels fater in the modern range

why is it whenever you want soemthing it dosnet want you and as soon as your finishes it comes back for love. ugh my cat proves this hypothesis correct. at 4 am after going back to sleep i had these crazy dream fantasy's. where my real feelings just were out their and i was going to act on them. somehow i thought i could have a relationship without actually having to have an emotional connection. and with someone i wouldn't be with becuase that doesn't happen. idk what my sleep brain was thinking and then we all were snowboarding and i had white snow boarding pants but i almost lost the keys to the yaris and we were all on anymore even though i dont snowboard. and the other night i had giant hands. idk whats up with my dreams. and im afraid of this pain, and what it could mean

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