Friday, May 9, 2008

ive been to the places n the block and belive it or not i like to rock rock

max has this crazy personality. he only really comes to me when hes sad or my moms gone which makes him sad. right now hes stairing at me till i look at him then he looks away. then he goes to sleep. he dosent like the music loud. ive spent another day at home, and apparenty i got a bunch of bakery shifts for the first week of june. i really dont know what to do. now hes really asleep. im in my sick room, and i bought a xylophone today. i also saw conrad at value village when i was buying it. i must have looked silly, but oh well. he looked sort of dishevled as ushual bt we didnt really talk, it was strange just out of nowhere. i want tomake these cookies from that old sesamy street book, its the cookie monster's recipe, and those cookies are so good. tomorow ill go to work, at least try. we all live in glass houses really, if you think about it. everything can be taken away or smashed in no time. but every one acts like we dont. i think max is sick. but hes just old now i guess. he dosent want to play all the time when i try. ive had the stragest dreams and i only know they are strange, i cant remember them, something about giant hands

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