Thursday, May 15, 2008

between the lines

depicting my thoughts on an unmade bet is the story of my life. its like really as much as things seem to change, they dont. in the end were all the same people not matter what mould weve tryed to fit our misshapen selves into. how do you know in one moment whats right, or what might be right in the imedite future. some words are better not spoke in more than one setting. i guess when it boilds down to it im the one who's responsible. this room is a mess and i never feel like cleaning it. im so tired of the comments, it takes everything not to care. i have alot of parts of me that need to be read between the lines. wow i was so surprised i found a typo in a book yesterday. somehow for something so simple i was so happy. maybe that means im over comming it. im the river

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