Monday, May 19, 2008

i want to live life and be good to you

i cant deal. where did my world end and this black hole begin. i just don't understand why everything gets so fucked up. like am i the only one who sees threw it or am still to stuck. im sick of wanting all these things i can never have. ill never learn. if i couldn't up all my demons theird'd be one for everyday. its like nothing i can ever do will be good enough, even in this darkness. tell me life can be easy and that in the end ill be happy, becuase right now that isnt happening. we have all been here before. i wonder sometimes if i was a diffrent person that life would be diffrent even if i had made all the same decisions. and why its it 4th one out now. i thougth the 3rd person gets shafted not the 4th and why why why is it that you can be so nice to me when no ones around but then as soon as were with everyone else you are the biggest asshole ever. and why did i have to tell you my deepenst thing is one day. becuase its all a fucking lie. its all a lie. its the thing i wont do and then you go. you dont repect my religion feelings or anything, i dont see how any of this is going to work out

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