Wednesday, May 21, 2008

god bless these ones but not those ones but these ones

so im awake and your asleep. i want to make animal pancakes! time off wow ok so yesterday was a whirl winds and i was so tired by the end of it. it hurts again and im afraid. bottem of the barrel im going to start calling it. no sun today and idk about anything. somepeople need to get off their trip and give us a call. since when was this possible? i feel fucking sick though. and its for the bad reason not the good one. like i saod before pancakes!!! and upwords. bottem of the barrel is right becuase i cant swim up even for a while when i do or i think i do, i stay their with some sunlight and then it gets dark again. i had this dream last night abotu somehow brittany was dating this male model and jessica henkle was with me and brittany andwe were in new weest partying in a club and such and a whole bunch of things happened and we were drinking on the street when the sun came up and had to walk down to the train trackes where i hid my car. i guess it was a long night that somehow turned itno a one year later thing and the boyfriend of brittany was like you dumped me. and somehow threw it all i was still aloneno real th0ught of it it was sort of natural. and in this one year later scemen jessika was way less annoying and their were less men but we still drank till the sun came up. anf then somehow i was god to drive to the planitarium where we wanted to show sheena this video we made that she never commented on, and i exlaned sheenas rashional about itwhich ade alot of sance ans somehow the yais became a red honda civic from the 90's. long story short it was weird!

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