Thursday, May 1, 2008

i took the 405 and i t lead me to an alcholic summer

my feet feel like they want to eat my whole body, thats what happens when they get no rest. so it also tunrs outi plled the tendon in my thumb which was goos times at work today. im listening to death cab and finaly just like realxing. i think its nice. no baseballl till sunday work at 2 tomorow. idk things seem ok. its hard not to do those things in my head, but really its worth it not to. i finally got some laundry done and im so happy about it. so ive got this ht tensor bandage on till i go to the clinic later or in the morning, whichever, and of course was pay day so yeah. i should probaby pick up the stubs sometime soon, i was thinking today of quitting right after sasquach and it seems like a good idea. i hate working thir all the time, i dont know if i can ast much longer if i do, so tomorow is the 2nd so if i jut say i cant work after the 24th it will work out nicly, and i can lok for anohter job for the beginning of july, and so what if i dont right away, meh ts only life. or atleast a stupid job anyways.

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