Wednesday, April 30, 2008

love is like celo tape

so ok this is my second hour of the day i can do what i want. i pulled the tendon in my thumb and it hurts alot, but i hit everytime. ive got to home im forgetting at least for now becuase well im fine. i really want some clean cloths becuase well i think im at the end of the end and no ones doing it but i have no time off to do it. so afterwork is baseball practice for a while and then luandry. im so hungry ugh this happens alot and iafter i writ ethis im going to watch some bad reality tv for half an hour and go to bed. i live working lolzzzzzz. so early oh well. i like how im half icing my hand meh. im to worn down to start wrring aboutthings that dont matter obviously. all i really can do is let things roll

"You'll meet them all again on the journey to the middle" Best movie of my life!
another day more stuff to do its how life goes.

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