Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong to me

why why why why why why why why? i think i could contiune on for a long time. i lulled myself to sleep and with a sheet on top of the cushions it made a sustainable bed, so now im back to square 3 and waiting till the school opens. im incredibly tired and also dehydrated from that midnight coffee. somehow i got a leg cramp when i was sleeping and i can still feel the pounding. sometimes it is like you have to let people figure things out for themselves. you cant save everyone from their own demons. i just i care about everyone, no matter who they are or what they do mean, and its a great quality or a very bad one. i have my pillow here and you know id rather be using it today than doing this. ughlio i dont ever want to get up like this again, but its a part of life to go to bed and be responsible and do the things you need to do to do the things you want to. sgh this growing up and learning stuff, it gets me every time. who wants machine pop tarts for breakfast? not me really, but that id the option, what ever is in that machine will be my breakfast, ok so here i go, to the day im so tired of i just want to sleep, no more worrrk!!!

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