Friday, April 25, 2008

do you understand, have you been understood.

i know its late, i wanted to be asleep an hour ago. i just cant stop to think about how much people want and like well certain people in particular want but never give. I'm sorry i don't have time to do meaningless stuff for you when i don't have enough time in a day to even do the things i want or need. things just seem to get hard, and in the end if anyone gets the blame laid its mostly on me, so you know what I'm not sorry you have to do things like every other person in this lifetime. get it right grow up and take responsibility for your own self. im going to see you tomorrow and dont piss me off becuase im about ready to blow, oh oh i just wanted to address this whole concept of you thinking your about ten times better than me. yeah about that, ha. im sorry you need to feel that way because your just severely insecure and always will be. the thing is that i can do alot fo things your incapable of and im sorry. i bet you do things i cant, oh wait i think that would be the whole making people feel like shit every time your around them, or wait your good at making us all talk behind your back becuase we all hate you, and everytime your not around we talk about it. so im truly sorry i didnt give you that list, and im also sorry you think somehow your better than i am, and wait just one more im sorry that when we weren't talking for 3 months i let that guy who sat behind us say all those mean things about you and your hair, but i couldn't stop him, they were too funny and true.

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