Saturday, April 26, 2008

its slow going on ground that is moving

thigns arent going such as to how i would want, i guess not everything can. tonights going to be fun but everytime i rethink my ideas i find myself wanting to be somewhere else every time. the grass is iternally green on he other side. and sometimes i wonder how this grass here is even so green. when it truly comes down to it, its who fights for you not who you fight for. every one has a story, and maybe they arent ready to tell it. life's fixable. stop withholding yourself, becuase really in all of your lifes its just you your holding back from. im not even mad anymore, its past mad or angry its just this blank part of me that will forever be blank. its not like i can even sleep away my problems. i guess today is just today and tomorow is tomorow. and the next week will come.

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