Saturday, March 21, 2009

maybe i spoke too soon

i feel like these feelings ive been having all of a sudden fell apart tonight after i heard this girl yelling at her boyfriend in the bathroom tonight. do i ever want to commit to that. i know i'm having fun right now, but some of the things that happen drive me crazy. i know what i need i just don't like to do it. im pissed off that their is more then one person that can trump me. i mean you say im 2nd in this but really i hit a 3rd. sometimes i don't even ask anymore. this is never going to go away for me. i want to do it just to get your attention sometimes. i don't know why i even feel this way, weather its my intense hate for it, or my feeling of being used. i cant tell, and im not sure if i even want to. i feel so reasurred every time were together but i've noticed the little changes. its that look your giving that tells me exactly what your thinking and im not sure if this is working anymore.

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