Sunday, March 1, 2009

carefull confessions

whats happening here. why don't i care. why do i forget. it makes no sense. i was so driven and im sure im going to start hating work. im so torn. i like structure and plans they help me in life. but you don't like them apparently at all. i cant read through your words. all i really wanted was to be happy and i got their i mastered it. who writes books about dysfuntional people that cant figure their own shit out. ill be your broken person. somehow its almost midnight and im not tired allover again.

and off a tottaly diffrent topic im so mad at you. you feel so loved when you send people text messages and never get responses. it really makes you not ever want to send them. or how about mail. you send someone mail but then they never send you anything but yet want you to send something else. im sick of being peoples dropp matt. fuck off ok. if you want people around in your life you need to make the effort or reply. thos dosent mean i dont want to be your friend one day but this excusive club youve made is limiting your own options, and i dont want to loose something while we arent talking. i find when it comes to you im the winner of cards i cant play. i was ready to come to you. i had all the money i had everything.

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