Monday, February 9, 2009


today is 6 months and i guess that makes sense, but time sort of does fly, over a year its been and look where i am now. if you think this life is great i have some hints, stay with your parents as long as possible till you feel its right becuase they might just be the only people in your life that wont fuck you over. you never want to be crying becuase you cant figure out how to pay your rent becuase your cheque came late. you never want to eat bread for 2 days. this life might seem like something you want, but belive me grass is greener on the other side. im not saying it isnt fun but when your finaly responsible for your life things you never thought will change. im just happy where i am and with the idea that things could go well for a long time. i enjoy having my own time and space but i love faling asleep in your arms and stealing your bed, becuase you let me. now i just have to catch up on reading and pretend like the shades on my bird arent too dark in the mistake areas. god its going to be hard not to see those, i should have worked under a better light, now i know next time. i think its almost time to apply for another loan so i dont have to go threw what i did this semster. dont avoid your problems or they will only get worse as this loan had taught me and im sure many others. tiem to go back to school. woo lol except not at all. at least reading week is next week, but i still work.

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