Tuesday, January 13, 2009


terrible person or evaluative thinker? i really am stuck in this werid vibe place. i need a few things. i think for the next few weeks i need to go back and do what i love. eventhough you mean alot to me i feel like ive lost something by doing this. ive found im less fun less adventurus, and is it just that im stressed and gorwing up and tired? or is it the fact that its you. no offenxe but i need stuff too and i cant keep doing everything you need, or want. its like if im going to shave my legs your going to shave your face. where is the effort? i need some. i need you to pull a big one out of the bag becuase its true i dont want to be anywhere but in your arms. but the other night you couldnt hear it in my voice or see it in my face. its almost like im searching for hurt. did you change me or did i change myself, becuase i dont want this to be over but i need something new. maybe its just the time or the weather but i want to go to the beach on friday and you can come if you want. ill be on the sand. some times i do just go to the beach. i know if i needd you and i was crying youd come but where were you.

i need you to want me love me and need me, and i think its time to become more separate
of people for now. no more schedule.

and if your juding me by reading this stop reading my blogs.


Sheena said...

Sometimes I feel the same way but not for long. but if youve been feeling this way for a long time then i think you should say something :)

Missy said...

I think you're just in a funk, Jeff and I were just in one.. it happens with couples when you hit around 6 months ish time. Just talk it out baby, it'll all be alright.
Let's do something fun if you feel less adventurous! Because truth be told, I feel less spontaneous and adventurous too!

summerskin245 said...

i fixed it we went and saw bride wars and ate iced cream and it worked out just fine. apparently he just has to see bad movies and buy me ice cream