Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i'll always look out for you

ok i always get my best thinking done in the early morning, so i saw sparks. my heart is yours its you that i hold on to, thats what i do. i cant help but know in the past you knew all along how i felt and let me. im screwed up sadly. ive got alot of good and a bit of bad. so here i go back to what i like to call my old life, or at least something like it. i know. i just feel like its not private anymore. all these things are a part of my contributing problem.

also i had this fucking crazy dream i kept waking up in and going back to bed at about 3:30 this morning about a virus unleashed in a hospital and brittany was with me idk why we were in this hospital but it was just like a movie. and brittany got infected i could tell becuase she was puking in the containent center, i worked at the hospital and was trying to make it to seattle for safty but when we got to the boarder all boarders to canada had been shut off and nothing was leaving the area. and one of the infected people was that lurch like guy from run fat boy run. it dosent sound scary but it was terrifying, and i diddnt want to be infected becuase you turn into a mostar and the hospital was full of them, and for somereason becuase brittany was infected i left her. sad. and scary.

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