Monday, December 1, 2008


What have i got to loose. rather than everything. i think sometimes i expect too much from people for the, to be able to fulfill the shoes Ive given them. because somehow i always become unsatisfied with one or another. maybe its just that i expect from everyone else what i would do for them, but not all of our brains are the same, we don't ask for others eyes to see what we see. I'm sick of having no time but all the time in the world right now. all of these places i used to love have become a prison, and only by my own faults. how long does it take. Ive just come to this point where i need to do a life evaluation. and i wish it was easier. i know theirs a big world out their like the one i saw on the screen. am i just wishing for too much? have things just worked out perfectly until now or was i just doing everything right then.

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