Saturday, November 29, 2008

just jump in what have you got to loose

whats the point really in using a communal blog if we don't all use it. idk i guess im just saying. i have this need to go swimming, and i've had it for a while, but the instinct only seems to grow stronger when it rains. i want to be able to walk so badly, ive just got to tell myself 5 more weeks till i can then lol im going to go tubing the next week! idk im just sick of being stuck here around. its not that i cant go out, its just hard to. i can only wait, it will make me want to make Saturdays into adventure days. i've always wanted to do the grouse grind, and i want to do it this spring. just more adventuring i think and less drinking, not thats its bad i just used to have a a lot of a better time without having all my activity's biased on drinks. im not voiding it out of my life, just not as much anymore. i guess thats is what the dorm was for it sort of ran me dry or drinking every week twice a week.

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