Monday, October 20, 2008


i just need to lay in my bed and watch harry potter. i ot really upset after leaving class today, i told the teacher i had to leave really early to go to a specialist appoinment in vancouver, but i really just needed to get the hell out of there. my mom wont answer her phone and it feels like no one really understand, or i dont want to tell them. things have become too truthful. things have been posted here that i think need to start being said outloud not just in a secret code we all seem to discover. i need to feel safe. and it dosent help my body wants to eat everything it sees in the last day. god i hope im not. please. ill give it more hours and lots of time. add a large paper and a little project. only harry potter can save my emotional state for now. so if you have some things to say, come out and say them.


Missy said...

Want to talk? I'm free tonight if you want to talk at me or something. I could convince my mommy to let me take her truck too maybe if I'm good. :)

summerskin245 said...

i got this comment at midnight, sorry. ill work it out, we can talk soon!