Tuesday, August 19, 2008

last night, im here again. tomorow is a start of something compleetly new. i lust spent the last 3 hours in the yard painting. i have so much paint on my legs, and i have to finsh my packing tonight, just the little stuff is left. which i think is the very worse. i guess im a bad friend, or it seems like. i just dont know. i slept in just like you said this morning. funny how those things work out. i know, you know, you cant hide it. i think that saying alone can be meant in many ways. im so nervous about living with michelle, i dont want to be trapped alone with her. Bob offered me a job today, he sadi soemthign abotu me being in the retainor, and then i wouldnt get paid alot but i would get paid. which is swet becuase its work i would do for free anyways. things are just complicated

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