Sunday, July 13, 2008

your hot then your cold

wow. right now i have more to say then i have in a long time.
... but first my ankel is so itchy like i think i got a misquto bite on top of my cut.

so ive wokred like too much in the last few days. and alll i can think about at work are my problems. sigh and what isnt a problem right now. ive gotten tinto countless fights and its not helping. my car is ready on tuesday. life is just a dream here.

we had such a good thing going on before, how did that get ruined. im just wondering what. what do you want. i asked myself this very same question before. why. why when your drunk? and then why the polar oposite a day later. im not mad i just thoguht this was over months ago and we wouldnt have this problem again. maybe it if wasjjust laying beside eachpother that would have been fine, i cant even cont the number of drinks i consumed. and you were feeding them to me. im stressed out. i cant wait for the waterslides. and ok so the other thing is i got a car today. but liek idk i dont think it suits me. but whaever i guess i cant be picky. somthing sporty dosent seem to be my style.

im wanting food so bad, and i feel bad im not as excited as i should be.
i just want to talk it out. alot.

and so what if i like miley shes good and anyone who dosent think so should fuck off. i dont listen to the whole thing i hear a beat and idk i like it or i dont.

my feet hurt, and i dont want to hold it in, their was some urge you had, idk

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