Monday, July 14, 2008


silence, and rolling up into balls, not talking. i think they call this depresssion. i didnt even go to work today. i dont even know whats wrong. i know, but i dont see how that could be it. i wish i could reverse. rewind and tape over. just becuase im restless inside now.

It takes alot for me to apologize for anything. its part of me. and then when i get ntohing back, i tend to think you just dont care anymore. it could be true. im fucking my life over for nothing.

i dont know how to stop thinking, and ive got 12 dollars.

my cloths hang on the line drying in the daylight while i stay in the darkness of my room.

i need out whenever things just get this bad.

... i guess this is what it feels like.

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