Friday, July 25, 2008

sometimes best

a mixture of incompleet and worriesome, ive got something to loose. im tired . i wish i had my headphones even if they are the blown out ones. what i have to relize is things arent going to change. even if i want them to for alot of things in my life. i think i have some growing up to do. this cant follow me around forever.coconuts and campfires are the smells i can smell. when i want to sing in the car i listen to my tegan and sara cd. i dont know what the right thing is to do. i cant do things im told and i should do others. i cant mid the words to make this right. coffee makes me talk more than normal. i cant beleve the things you say.. can we be honest? i dont know. i need to do laundry. i need alot of things. good thing cameras were invented to display our horrible akward faces. i need out.

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