Sunday, June 15, 2008

youve got me begging you for mercy, why wount you releace me.

ughhhhhhh i fucking hate how they screw e with hours, fucking june shes so nice untill she gives you the new schedual. my throat hurts, i need more water at night and less coffee. id love to just go back to bed, i actually dont even have time to be writing this but whatever screw eating, i can do that on my break. ive got a huge bruse on my leg and i dont know what ts from. i bet berreta is going to screw me over this afternoon.ugh. alot. i hate berretia. i hate alot of things in life but she goes out of her way to mess me up. i dont want to be sick>< no sick, fucking safeway. i love that song mercy, idk why. two more days, you can do it sydney. ugh. i dont want to do this.

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