Saturday, June 7, 2008

if the wind blew across you room

i was writing song last night while i was waking out to the car to get my shoes. at 3 am, apparently i dont need shoes when it gets late. it was something like " my feet wont take me whee i want to go" last night i was pretty pissed in both ways. i just get so frusterated. its annoying. im just pretty much done, and the answer is no i wouldnt do it again. never will i throw the keys over the van. fuck i hate climbing things espcialy things that are vans. i hate climbing vans in the rain. i want new shoes. ive been having a good time latley, i feel like old sydney and its nice. i feel good and i domitate on and off the feild. its outgoing sydney. its feeling good. i cant help these ideas of perfection and feelings. some how they must end. i just dont know how to do it. im back baby.

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