Wednesday, June 18, 2008

all the pain you hide from me everyday

my face is terryfying. borderline everything. i cant tell, and i shouldnt. today was a busy one, alot of ocean and buildings and pictures, and old people and brittish blethering room tea rooms, and high tea. god the ammount of old people, tomorow;s going to a bit worse than today, at least shopping can be involved. oooooooooo i cant think, and im mad. fuck you too, and your not caring ways, and fuck you too for never letting me know and then calling me when you want to. please dont pretend to give half a shit in my life. ive spent two weeks thinking about this. im done. all i can see are dark grey cluds moving closer with each comming hour. every thing is wrog but we cant talk about it now. yeah you are beautiful but you dont mean a thing to me. classic. i really do want all the things i lost, but maybe now its better they are gone. no matter what happens i keep getting roped back in and as much as i know its bad it still feels ok. when your apologies failt to come threw, phrases like i thought you knew. in the end i win every time. tracing the plot lines. abesnce follows. you lack color and that hurt made you abrasive. i cant wait to go home. my brain knows better

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