Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Across the ocean

i guess i havent been the best leader, i learned my lessons in this world of my own and i guess i didnt let you learn yours. things werent nessicarlly as they seemed. im tired and abotu read to go to bed. i never should have seen the stangers but im glad it was a bunch of mixed "true" events. i dont really have much to say anymore about some things, other than friday that should be interesting. whatever fun times is what. tomorow im getting it at noon. its going to be pain and my first tattoo and im nervous. langley is such a small town in so many ways but so still so big i just see people i know every where no matter what. tits cold in my room and i just drove home from brittanys. its not going to matter what goes down. im not trying anymore. ther are too many good things in life i could miss wishing things here would happen. somehow i cant wait to escape this place. soon it will be over this summer and ill wish for other things.

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