Sunday, May 4, 2008

do you wonder

im so sick and tired of the same conversation over and over again. why do i get no repect at all, when you assume that you should be treated with so much, thats it from now on in, ok i have no respect for you or your nosie issues. so when i get up next saturday for work nice and early ill remeber to turn up the volume on the sterio in my room. or hey next time next weekend ill get up at 6 just for you and turn on music becuase i had things i needed to do, and somehow that requires loud music that wakes your from your sleep. i dont see why i have to keep having this its my house rule. well if its your house its my room, and you know what you've done it once and you'll do it all over again. your pushing me out that door with everything you have in you. this is so stupid. so i guess ill just stay in my room. the funny think about mom is that she thought maybe cable would help this out, but i hate my job and i hate living here with him. with you guys becyase you didnt ask him to turn it down. your going allong with the plan. sometimes i hate you both so much its not even funny. i just want to leave

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