Saturday, May 24, 2008

cop out campers

so here we are, i think i have an ear infection, or else my sinus's are fucking insane, its a fucking leather jacket and moth UGHHHHH BRITTANYS PLAYING WOW IN THE FUCKING TENT< SHE SAID "THE BLOOD PALODIN INVITES ME TO DO A QUEST BUT I CANT IM ON A ROUGE QUEST" no fucking wow in the tent, what are we going to do when we really do go camping. i know if i puked right now it would be blue and red. why. how am i not drunk yet. were challenging it. tegan and sarah and tomorow was suposed to be death cab , fuck my life. and tegan and sarah ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so unhapppy about that. and the cars are super loud. we had to screm over one, i guess thats what i get fr living and my yard backing onto 208th. ugh things in life are frusterating. tooo much sugar . V is for vodka it says and apparently im a dumb ass

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