Saturday, April 19, 2008

i shouldn't have to spell my name

Its always a struggle to find the fit, you can tell yourself one thing but you always feel another. I'm a sucker for things and people that are out of reach somehow. Somehow i made it back to the place for sleeping but i cant, isn't that how its supposed to go? but then in your non sleeping way you have something great to wind up doing, well its wrong. staying up alone is as good at eating a Popsicle that tastes like its been made with shit. i would go out but its closing time and its not the same anymore, and things cant ever been in a state of constant ok. i cant look at those books of the past and feel fulfilled. its just one snap shot into a life full of questions less than perfect feelings. why did you have to call, and why do you have to be so mad at nothing, its just the way things go. it seems like sometimes i don't even fit into my own life never mind someone else's. what have i created here. one things for sure im not as fucked up as my predecessors yet.... yet being the word that throws off that whole sentance. there is still time. and i want my grades your fuckers you cant update the site right now. and its been two hours and i still cant sleep, i know im deeply fucked now

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