Monday, April 14, 2008

twist your head around, its all around you, all is full of love?

ive got to say its been a very draining week. certain things just haven't been ok, but you know the grassy knoll made things ok again at least for a while like you said i wasn't planning on seeing missy today and i was in a very bad mood till i did. but the knoll made things better again, or maybe it was missy. i wont ever know. its safe to say that it wasn't ok and that its not a matter of if anymore or just how. we talked it out alot. somedays you just need that. im sort of really drained like i dont think i can cry anymore at this point. my back hurts from moving boxes and im tired all day long. maybe crying like that does that to you, drains you for days. its cold again and this room is full. i dont want to talk anymore that really did hurt, and you dont even know it, or you do and i dont care anymore. ive got nothing inside anymore. and its never been like that. is my soul on hold, or did a little piece of it die?

square peg round hole, i made it a round square but eventually squares go back to squares.

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