Sunday, April 13, 2008

and it came to me then thats ever plan is a tiny prayer to father time

im so tired but i cant sleep anymore. what the fuck. how could you have done that. how could you have sat their and let me cry. how could you say that and then shake her hand. it seems like the truth is something hard to handle, but im not sure if ill ever get over it. since when has it been that way. youlet me cry and you didnt even care. no wonder i want to move away or go to a job where i dont have to deal with any of this anymore. and then i come home to get yelled at for a dvd that i didnt even move. i dont want to go to work in the morning. its mental break down time. i know it. how could you come downstairs and tell me it was my fault? now i cant sleep and its 2 in the morning. i just dont get it. i really want to get away from this because its sucking the life out of me. i really just want someone to tell me its all going to be alright from now on. i havent cryed like this in a long time. i do really want to go back to school on sunday night and leave sheenas house at ten becuase i dont want to sleep here anymore. even in the empty room it might feel better than this. so im not allowed to use anythign donwstairs anymore and thats not even a dramatizarion. i need this all to stop. i still cant stop it and it kills.

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Missy said...

I like this place much better than LJ... except I can't find a way to be friends with people. I don't think you can be, so I'll just comment so you know I exist on here. ^_^
(PS, it's Missy!)