Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alright, Still

im going to have to say their is one thing i cant explain
certain reasons things wont go away
and it all has to be for a reason

i cant say I've let go
that could possibly be the worst thing
i drift into this sea where things can be perfect and perfection is just a very simplistic thing.

We all take too much, and im sick of wondering if people are mad, because its my life. Sometimes i wish i didn't care so much because then when things got bad it wouldn't matter anymore, it wouldn't hurt. it wouldn't hurt when your tearing into my soul.

To tell you the truth i cant tell the difference anymore between lies and the truth because they all contradict eachother. Sometimes i wonder how much is the truth, and what might be fake. it always leads me to wonder what is going on, and what is truly to hide

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