Friday, April 24, 2009

walking in the country side, it seems that the winds have stopped, i took down my posters

i remember moments of happiness endless summer and acoustic guitars. things are complicated and im glad i didn't lash out back at you, just stop having to be sorry for things. i wish i was a cast away on a warm ocean waiting for a pourpose to rise. they say its not becomming. i decided not to weat the blazer, but now i just look like every ohter twenty something girl whos into music and got to heavy. dont even try to deny it or say anything becuase im the one who knows me. im not unhappy, just unhappy songs make me happy. in some twisted little world i think that works. my mouth tastes like chicken, and our patterns dont match. ive got a chinese hat in my closet i forgot about. i want to wear sandles, but i know i need to wear shoes. i watched harry potter 5 the other night and i cryed. you know that part when voldomort was possessing harry, but then harry realized he had love in this life, yeah thats the part. lol im so corny. i want you to toughen up. i feel like a little thing, when things go sour, and i loose my voice. i just need time to say what i need to say, even if you try to pretend apologies work as well as you think they do. thing is i forgive everyone, i make everyone feel like whatever they did is ok, and i dont care, i just dont want the drama, and i guess i did it this time too. just makes me think, how much would it really take. thats one line ill never cross again.

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