Wednesday, April 8, 2009

everything is on fire

im at work and all the computers went down, on joy, its not been the best day at work. tomorow im going to the doctor at ten to get stuff dealt with, and then im seeing stuart. stupid thing is that the forcast for tomorow is rain. only day this week is suposed to rain all day. Yesterday i remebered why i dont wear shirts with cleavge. my facebacomes un noticeable. i went to wash my car at washworld, and the guy was so creepy i decided to leave. i got a new bag. its ok, im not in an impressed mood, and i dont know if its becuase of my lack of vacation fro my own life on tuesdays but im not in the best mood. id rather just have this week done already, lucky for me it pratically is now. this weekend is devoted to my soc paper, oh joy. oh well. at least its not huge huge but still, and im going to have to even bind the stupid thing into a book and do illistrations, and watercolors etc. ugh. NO more school please.

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